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The late Rabbi of Lubavitch and the 7 Laws of Noah.

Money, Religion, and Africa : the poisonned mixture.
Decades ago, the late Rabbi of Lubavitch launched a global campaign to remind the world community of one of the foundational cornerstones of human morality, based on the 7 Noahide Laws. One of these Laws concern the command forbidding theft, another one to establish Justice. Also, Jews are forbidden to cause gentiles to break any of these laws. Orthodox Jews should be familiar with these Laws, so they don’t cause the situation where these (...)

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The Black Jews Federation (FJN) is for empowering african unity, and stands firmly against any attempt to fragment the Republic of Nigeria, or any other state of the African Union, along ethnic lines.
We believe that ethnic division is a danger, which could only benefit those who do not wish to see our African continent succeed in its rightful path to prosperity, and to security, for all its populations.
Nigerian Jews, just like members of other communities, must be mindful of this (...)

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Jew and Tefillin. By Tzvi Freeman

You’re out on your lunch break, walking down a busy street, and some black-hatted, bearded young guy walks up to you on and says, “Hi, are you Jewish ?”
Let’s say you say “Yes.”
“Hey, you’d look great in black leather ! Roll up your left sleeve.”
Before you’ve had a chance to decide whether you believe in this or not, what your dear mother would have to say, and whether this is really a normal thing to do in a place like this (it’s not), you’ve got black leather straps and boxes wrapped on your (...)

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The Anatomy of a Flame

Though it occupies only three verses in the beginning of our Parshah, the mitzvah of lighting the menorah gives the whole of Behaalotecha ("When you raise light") its name. As detailed in the source-texts cited in our "Parshah In-Depth" section, the lamps of the menorah are seen as representing the souls of Israel, and the various laws governing the menorah’s construction and the lighting of its lamps are explained by the Chassidic masters as instructive of the nature and structure of the (...)

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What Is Pareve (parve) ?

This is significant because Jewish law does not allow one to Parve food may be eaten with meat or milk cook or consume meat together with milk products. Parve food, however, may be eaten together with both meat and milk. Examples would be water, eggs, fish, and anything that is plant-derived, such as fruit, nuts and veggies.
Thus, a cookie labeled as “parve” can be eaten together with cream-laden coffee, or after a steak dinner.
Since meat and dairy utensils are also kept separate, dishes (...)

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