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Course : Introduction to African Judaism

Languages : French, English
FJN is an association whose vocation is to familiarize the public with the existence and specificities of jewish communities of Africa. FJN organizes courses, conferences and train groups or individuals interested in this subject. By following the lectures or series of courses given by FJN teachers, students can receive a certificate and will be able to join Activities of the FJN.
- The work of the FJN
- Introduction to the History (...)

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Vayeitzei (Genesis 28:10–32:3)

Jacob leaves his hometown of Beersheba and journeys to Charan. On the way, he encounters “the place” and sleeps there, dreaming of a ladder connecting heaven and earth, with angels climbing and descending on it ; G‑d appears and promises that the land upon which he lies will be given to his descendants. In the morning, Jacob raises the stone on which he laid his head as an altar and monument, pledging that it will be made the house of G‑d.
In Haran, Jacob stays with and works for his uncle (...)

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Should I pray in Hebrew if I don’t understand ?

As you can read in Why Is Hebrew Called the “Holy Tongue” ? one cannot minimize the importance and sanctity of the Hebrew language. It is the language of creation, prophecy and all spiritual energy. Additionally, the prayers were composed by the Men of the Great Assembly in Hebrew, and no translation is ever a perfectly accurate substitute for the original. So if you understand Hebrew, you should pray in Hebrew. And if you don’t understand Hebrew, you should at least try to learn the meaning (...)

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Racism: Sofia Richie sets the record straight

The top model Sofia Richie, Lionel Richie’s daughter spoke about the people around her who make racist comments apparently ignoring that she is black. The 18-year-old said she had not yet been discriminated against in the fashion world.
"I am very clear of skin, so some people do not really know that I am black," she told the magazine Complex. "I was in situations where people were making racist remarks in front of me, and when I intervened, they said," Oh, but you are clear ".
The latter (...)

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Toldot (Genesis 25:19–28:9)

Isaac and Rebecca endure twenty childless years, until their prayers are answered and Rebecca conceives. She experiences a difficult pregnancy as the “children struggle inside her” ; G‑d tells her that “there are two nations in your womb,” and that the younger will prevail over the elder.
Esau emerges first ; Jacob is born clutching Esau’s heel. Esau grows up to be “a cunning hunter, a man of the field” ; Jacob is “a wholesome man,” a dweller in the tents of learning. Isaac favors Esau ; Rebecca (...)

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