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President Obama, the best President in US history. By Abraham Habib

If you are African American, or if you are Jewish American, or both, you voted overwhelmingly for Barack Obama twice, to elect him President of the United States of America, for two consecutive terms. 
President Obama has had, in working terms, the most successful presidency in American history, to end his country’s history of institutional racism, gender inequality, and social gaps. As we all know, he faced the fiercest opposition any President ever had to confront in the US Congress, where an openly racist discourse was set to block every course of action he defended.
Even if some of his political leanings were difficult for many to understand, such as the bailing out of Wall Street and the "too big to fail" banks and industries, in 2008, Barack Obama was able to keep afloat the american economy, a sinking ship noone wanted to steer. Domestically Barack Obama was the savior of millions of americans by being the first U.S. President to make into law affordable health care which was until his time a utopia in American politics.
In matters of international affairs, the Obama presidency inherited the most violent and confrontational stance, since World War 2 from his predecessor. Just to slow or reverse the dynamics set in motion by the Bush presidency was a gigantic effort with unfortunately not enough results.
In the Middle East, with P.M. Netanyahou at the helm in Israel, it was for President Obama like having a pure republican...
... .. opposition, unabashedly allied with the most conservative elements of american right wingers.
The Israeli Right, allied with the US Christian white conservative forces, did all they could to block any significant move toward peace with the Palestinian Authority under the leadership of P.M. Mahmud Abbas.
As African Jews we envisioned the hope of seeing peace between Israelis and Palestinians under an Obama presidency.
But sadly in this subject, racism had the upper hand. Racism against the first African American U.S. President, racism against Moslems in America, racism against Palestinians in Israel. 
See our article about Mordechai Ben David, to get a whiff of the current stench, in what is supposed to be a religious environnement, in Israel.
As black Jews we will never forget these offenses. We will pass on to our children the memory of heroism of those within Israel who fought racism, the Ethiopian, Yemenite, Moroccan stories of braving exclusion in a system designed from inception for white domination.
President Obama we salute you and thank you, your name will remain in world history as a moment of humanity in a world at war against itself, of sanity in the midst of power drunkedness. Your efforts will not have been in vain. In America, in Africa and throughout the world, you gave hope to those who stand for humanism.
And you also have made millions of Africans proud, and stand tall. We shall not forget you.

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