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To love Africa is to love the people of Israel.

The Bible says, "Israel, are you not like Kushite unto Me, says the Lord ?"
Moses, the model prophet for the Israelites, according to our sages, based all his teaching on the imitation of God. Taking a Kushite woman, from Kush -l’Afrique- Moses gave us an example of love and priority. When the two greatest prophets of his time, who were also his brother and sister, Aaron and Miriam, opposed that union (because Moses already had a wife) they were addressed by God in severe terms, and even punished by giving Myriam’s leprosy.
God told them that Moses is the ultimate prophet "any other prophet is inspired by dreams or symbols but not so my servant Moses : face to face I speak with him."
Moses "the most humble of men" is the supreme example. He shows God’s truth directly. His choice of a Kushite African woman points to a truth that all must meditate.
That truth is that the fate of the people of Israel and of all Africans are intertwined.

Millennia later, during the Italo-Ethiopian war, the Italian tyrant Mussolini led a very negative and racist campaign against the Jewish community based on the link between Africa and the Jews. In his anti-Semitic speeches, Mussolini insisted that the Jewish community was a carrier of ’Negroid blood’ who polluted the so called pure European genetics. This theme echoed by Hitler- false because European populations themselves are from very varied ethnic mix- was common place everywhere during World War II through the fascist propaganda. What had caused the fury of Mussolini was the massive protest of the Jewish community of Rome against the war on Ethiopians, and its racist and colonial message.

This event was actually the genesis of the persecution of Jews in Europe.
During the years when the lynching of blacks was common practice in the southern United States, the voice of Jews living in America has often heard against these outrages, perpetrated without the rest of the world lifting a finger. Among many others, Abraham Joshua Heshel, Sigmud Freud and even Albert Einstein decried the inhumanity and barbarity of anti-black practices that were the bread and butter of millions of Africans descendants in America.
The similar fate of African and Jewish communities in the Diaspora should inspire deep reflection for those who want humanity to awaken from the racist nightmare.
But do not be naive. The reality of racism is an institution. Imposed, suggested, used, and engineered for pure profit. Jews and Blacks, like other religious or ethnic groups are used as scapegoats by the manipulators of masses, who take advantage of idiocy and gullibility to push their agenda.
We must not fall into the traps set by greed driven hypocrites and nurture blame on entire cultures and communities. Every culture, whether Judaism, Islam, Christianity, Animism, Buddhism, or any tradition of wisdom, have in their midst luminaires of peace and understanding. It is these voices who must be heard.
There are people who are looking for relationships, causes for friendship between humans, and others unfortunately looking for differences and reasons to hate. Who do you prefer ?
The fate of Africans, natives to the most beautiful continent on earth, the land of origin of the human species, and the destiny of the people of Israel are closely related, since the earliest antiquity.
Among many examples, just to take a few, the Woodabe of Niger have already shown that their culture is a treasure of ancient Hebraism.
The Fulani word appears in the Biblical narratives (in Hebrew Peloni) as a Hebrew tribe ; the oldest Israelite manuscripts - dating from the time of Israelite monarchy- are the manuscripts of Elephantine ; those who wrote them were the ancestors of the Israelites of Ethiopia. Alexandria, Egypt was the largest Jewish metropolis in the world during the Greco-Roman period. Philo of Alexandria testifies that in his day, millions of Jews lived from the North to the South of Egypt, that is, at least as far as Sudan and the current Somalia, Ethiopia and Eritrea.
One of the most revered Jewish saints in Morocco Ribbi Shelomo Bel Hens came from Sudan.
Moroccan Jews had contact with Jewish tribes called Bnei Moshe, children of Moses, they were said to come from regions of the White Nile, in Sudan.
Africa’s true riches are immense cultural treasures. The Jewish community is a community that places culture as the supreme value. Digging deeper, it is difficult to tell between the two notions of Israel and Africa where one starts and the other stops.
Already in the Bible when Moses saw the Burning Bush of Sinai, the angel who speaks for God said "take off your shoes from your foot for the earth that you tread is holy ground."
This holy land is none other than the African continent. This is where the Adamic specieswas born, the place of the Garden of Eden, where it all began. This place extends even to the land of Israel, which is falsely classified as part of the Asian continent. And it is meditating on the deep and ancient cultural heritage that has survived on the African continent that we can understand all the nuances of the wisdom the people of Israel is carrying.
The fate of Africa and of the Jewish people is a common destiny. When we see the advent of respect to one, the other also will be respected, understood and loved by all.

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