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Nigeria : Ebonyian Jews building up Judaism in Ebonyi State

Ebony Community is an integral part of the Black Jews Association in Nigeria.
This is the best way for the community to invest its time to build the reach of synagogues educational programs
The Jewish place of worship and the association of Black jews is in the centre of the building.
Ebony community is emerging in response to the religious and cultural conditions brought about by the Region.
The sense that the Ebony community is responsible for the physical and communal needs of the members has manifested in different ways throughout Jewish Education. With the local chairman and coordinator help, many Jewish communities in Nigeria to this day maintain link between members of the Black Jews Association .
The question for each generation : do we adapt only when the changing world leaves us no choice. Or do we choose from among the possible Jewish futures, and work to bring our vision into being. Our jewish youth reflect on their engagement in bringing about a vibrant Jewish future.

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