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Prominent Orthodox Rabbis Call Out Yosef Mizrachi

Does Orthodox Judaism promote compassion and non-judgment or fire and brimstone ? As a secular Jew growing up, I believed it represented the latter. There was nothing appealing to me about it. Then, I began to learn and meet Orthodox Jews and discovered that the Torah is “D’rachecha darchei noam v’chol n’tivotseha shalom.” (Its ways are those of pleasantness, its paths are those of peace.)
But what about public speakers who focus on the punishment, claim to know the mind of God, and condemn those who disagree with them ? Unfortunately, such voices exist in the Orthodox Jewish world. For these reasons, several months ago, we posted a warning on Facebook about a popular speaker, Yosef Mizrachi, who employs such methods. While we normally promote kiddush Hashem at Jew in the City, in the face of grave chillul Hashem, we feel we have a responsibility to speak out against it. My rabbi is a big believer in the teaching of the Talmud “shtika k’hodaah” (silence is tacit approval).While many of our readers supported our statement, we heard from some who were outraged that we could say such a thing. Who gave us the authority ? We had spoken to trusted rabbis who had ruled that we should warn our readers, but that didn’t seem to satisfy some.
Too often we hear at Jew in the City that Orthodox rabbinic leadership is not willing to stand up for what’s right. That the “good” rabbis remain silent and allow our Torah to be represented by those who say hateful things. We’re delighted to report that a letter has just been sent by some of the leading rabbis of our generation to a venue in Los Angeles that is scheduled to host Yosef Mizrachi for a speaking engagement this shabbos. The Rabbinical Council of America (RCA) posted the letter as well

Read more : http://jewinthecity.com/2016/12/prominent-orthodox-rabbis-call-out-yosef-mizrachi/#ixzz4SVYEy44x

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