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Winners of the "Andre Chouraqui Price of Judaism African 2016"


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>The Federation of Black Jews, headed by Mr. Gershon Nduwa, awarded the second "Price André Chouraqui the African Judaism" in a brilliant ceremony held Tuesday, November 8, 2016, at Forum104 the sixth arrondissement of Paris. This award was presented, tie, Tania Heidsieck and Albert Elharrar.
The ceremony was organized in collaboration with the Association of Friends Andre Chouraqui and the Brotherhood of Abraham.
Note the absence of Andre Azoulay who was unable to join us for a family tragedy.

Debate animated brilliantly by journalist Yael Selbonne and coordinated by Christine Yaltonsky.

Several personalities were present, including Marie-Therese Lacombe ; Gerard Unger, vice-president of CRIF ; Joel Mergui, president of the Consistory ; Edmond Lisle, President of the Brotherhood of Abraham ; Slimane Benaissa, director recognized scene ; Jacob Oliel, eminent historian ; Serge Hajdenberg, President of RadioJ station ; Rabbi Senior of Créteil ; Marie Roger Biloa, director of Africa International magazine ; Hubert Habib of Morial association ; Scheherazade Zerouala, lawyer ; Henry Bonnier (Editor of Chouraqui) ; Chouarqui Emmanuel, son of the one whose price had to honor the memory.

Annette Chouraqui, absent sent a letter read before the Meeting on behalf of the memory of André and his association, thanking the organizers of the event, and thanks the two winners of this second edition.
Gershon Nduwa has, in the introduction, stressed that the African Judaism comes Philo of Alexandria, through Maimonides, the Zohar, and continues until Andre Chouraqui.
-Marie-Therese Lacombe, Conseillere Borough, discovers with astonishment the existence of this association of which she was proud.
-Edmond Lisle praised Nduwa Gershon and his association. After referring to the life of the founders of its association with André Chouraqui, he said he had to give it to the heart of interreligious dialogue common values.
Gerard Unger remembered that Andre Chouraqui, a native of Ain Temouchent, Andre Chouraqui, as his wife also came from Algeria. Each, in its tradition must go to meet each other.
-Joel Mergui recalled the origins of the African Judaism which Andre Chouraqui was a mirror.
-Marie Roger Biloa stressed the link between Jews and blacks in Europe and elsewhere.
-Slimane Benaissa devoted himself tirelessly to the dialogue of religions.
- Rabbi 
Senior of Créteil explained the importance of human value in Genesis.

Hubert Habib of Morial association has called everyone to join in the centenary on November 27 organized by his association for Andre Chouraqui.

-Henry Bonnier, Chouraqui editor, recalled that beyond the religions, we all were created in the image of Gd.
-Jacob Oliel recalled the existence of black Jews already in the Middle-Age in the Sahara
-Doudou Diène honored Nduwa Gershon and his association, saying that talking about black Jews, is to give a universal dimension to Judaism.
-Schéhérazade Zerouala, practicing Muslim stressed to include religion in the private sphere.
-Emmanuel Chouarqui has projected an excerpt from the film devoted his Father.
-Serge Hajdenberg, President of Radio J recalls the good memories of his meeting in Jerusalem with Andre Chouraqui
-Tania Heidsieck (Laureate) thanked the organizers, referring in turn to his memory Andre Chouraqui who she works for 22 years.
-Albert Elharrar (Laureate), very discrete field activist, recalled the work of dialogue cultures that has made Creteil in its community.
The traditional friendship cocktail offered by Albert Elharrar allowed us to exchange at the end of the conference

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