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Film on "Black Ibo Jews of Nigeria."

This film was shot in Nigeria in April 2014 under the auspices of Gershon Nduwa, President of the Federation of Black Jews, mainly in Anambra State which has a large black Jewish community.
In a letter of August 14, 2004 sent to AB Production (producers of the film), the FJN had expressed his intention to take legal action in case of distribution of this film, claiming to have been "used and fooled." 
The FJN has criticized Mr. Jose Ainouz (film director) and Antoine Casubolo (Producer) not to have met their commitments.
As stipulated in the law "" everyone has, over his image and the use that is made of an exclusive right and may oppose its dissemination without his permission. "The right of publicity is not a right enshrined in the law itself, it follows from the right to respect for private life which is the subject of Article 9 of the civil code.
The CNI accuses the makers of the film an infringement in the image of their members, first of all related to the dissemination of the work in cinema
Furthermore, CNI considers reprehensible use of images shot that purpose and built in DVD on the film.

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