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Removing African countries from ICC : nonsense.

Why African states to withdraw from the International Criminal Court ?
The withdrawal of a number of African countries in the international criminal court spilled much ink.
Many African countries criticize the Hague Tribunal, supposed to be universal, not judge for now that African leaders.
Hence the announced withdrawal of Burundi, the South Africa and Gambia.
Since March 4, 2016, 124 States of the 193 UN member states have ratified the Rome Statute and accept the authority of the ICC.
The International Criminal Court (ICC) is a permanent universal criminal court to punish individuals accused of genocide, crimes against humanity, aggression and war crime crime.
This Court is designed to complement national justice systems, it can exercise its jurisdiction only when national courts are failing and do not have the will or competence to judge crimes. The initiative in the investigation and trial of these crimes is therefore left to the states.
Withdrawal is a pretext used by African leaders to avoid prosecution. this is not "Africa" ​​which is against the ICC, not the people, but some heads of state and rebel groups because of all the time in Africa, governments have had no scruple to violate the rights of their citizens.
By dysfunction of the judiciary system, corruption, nepotism, favoritism and blatant acts of torture recurring therein legions.
The violations of human rights are indeed many on the African continent. Yet there are no African-respect of the control mechanism of the human rights in this specific context. We saw states not consider or protect criminals by granting them amnesty or refusing to lift their immunity.
The jurisdiction of the Court is complementary, that is to say, it is put into play that the failure of the State competent to judge the criminal.
It took a day to stop this vicious cycle of massacres, genocide and crime in Africa.

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