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Why Israeli Jews Crowned and Dethroned a ‘Lost Tribe’ King Ayi

Why Israeli Jews Crowned and Dethroned a ‘Lost Tribe’ King from Africa. By Sam Kestenbaum

e king arrived mysteriously in the Land of Israel. He wielded a staff and said he commanded a kingdom in Africa, and that he was capable of summoning millions of followers to his side. He travelled with an entourage. Angelic figures had visited him, he said, and he spoke directly to God. His followers projected their hopes and desires onto him. Some even took to calling him the Messiah.

But then his kingdom fell apart.

Francois Ayi, a globetrotting spiritual leader originally from Togo, has moved between Christian, Jews for Jesus-style and Orthodox circles over the past few decades and gained a small following in Israel over the past year. In September, his Israeli idyll — fueled by a surge of messianic fervor among some religious Jews — came to an end.

“He was a false Messiah and false prophet playing games,” said Rabbi Daniel Asor, an ultra-Orthodox spiritual leader who campaigns against Christian proselytization in Israel. Asor had embraced Ayi, but then rejected him publicly as a fraud.

“He wants to destroy me,” Ayi said of Asor, who he threatened to take to Israeli court for libel. “He wants to destroy the mission.”


What is that mission ? Ayi promised to bring hundreds of African kings and queens from lost Israelite tribes to Jerusalem on a revelatory pilgrimage during the Jewish festival of Sukkot, which falls in October...


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