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Rabbinical Council of America : Halacha and political power.

Since its founding in 1935 by alumni of the Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary of Yeshiva University and its merger, in 1942, with the rabbinic alumni of the Hebrew Theological College (Chicago, IL), the RCA has been led by outstanding rabbinic personalities, including its esteemed past presidents. Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik zt”l was the RCA’s guiding spirit and mentor for decades, until his death in 1993.
Products of dozens of yeshivot in Israel, America, and elsewhere, the 1000 members of the RCA serve the Jewish world in 18 countries. Members serve as congregational rabbis ; mechanchim ; military, prison, and health care chaplains ; community organizational professionals ; academicians ; kashruth, youth, outreach, and beit din professionals, and more. 

What about the converts ?

"We will continue to advocate for and stand behind our converts, fully supporting the integrity of their status as Jews. We believe that the obligation of "ahavat ha-ger"—love and concern for all converts— is of paramount importance and we will continue to work on their behalf."
It is true that the obligation of love and concern for *all* converts is of paramount importance. I would therefore respectfully suggest that, as such, the RCA should consider advocating and standing behind *all* converts, not just *our* (i.e., the RCA’s) converts.

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