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Rabbi Amsellem: The Torah was Not Given Exclusively to Ashkenazim

Rabbi Chaim Amsellem, who heads the Am Shalem party, is among the growing number of rabbonim and public officials commenting to the media following the announced establishment of ‘Giyur K’halacha’, a beis din for giyur that permits one to circumvent the Chief Rabbinate of Israel.
Speaking with Srugim News, Rabbi Amsellem stated “These are joyous days in Israel”, explaining he has been crying on behalf of the so many thousands who have not been able to enter the giyur program to date. He praises the rabbonim for daring to speak the truth and stand firm against those who do not agree with their position without fear and solely on behalf of the many who wish to become Jews and have no address to turn to.

“We only have the path of the Rishon L’Tzion Maran Rav Bentzion Meir Chai Uziel ZT”L to follow, the unwavering minhagim of Sephardic Jewry” stated Rav Amsellem, who explained the late chief rabbi was compelled to address the many immigrants in the category of originating from ‘zera yisrael’ (זרע ישראל) which he feels is the case with so many immigrants form the former Soviet Union. Rav Amsellem insists halacha has always bent over as much as possible to accommodate the convert and so it should be today as well. Amsellem joins those who accuse the Chief Rabbinate of Israel of “becoming an executive arm of the chareidi extremists and all the rabbonim around the world, particularly the Sephardim, they were downtrodden as if the Torah was given at Sinai to the Ashkenazim and Litvish and as such has become irrelevant for Klall Yisrael”.
“Therefore, today is a day on which Zionist rabbonim finally had the courage to do something publically, not in the dark, quietly and with fear for the Rabbinate does not do what it is responsible to do so we are once and for all breaking the twisted monopoly that has become the Chief Rabbinate regarding giyur. The eyes of world Jewry are looking at Eretz Yisrael and its rabbonim, which began as a trickle and has become a long continuous flow and this is the order of the day, a great mitzvah. The Prophet Yechezkel cried to seek those lost and restore those that are foreign”.

Rabbi Amsellem explains he is not deterred by the shouts of opposition, “of the extremists”, those insisting the giyur will not be in compliance with halacha and lead to assimilation. He calls on his colleagues, dati leumi rabbonim, to remain strong and steadfast for this “holy mission” towards eliminating the Chilul Hashem and returning the lost brothers to “Our Father in Heaven”.

Rabbi Amsellem concludes with a quote from Gemara Taanis (30:b)


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