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About the King of Togo in Israel and preliminary investigation

The Jewish world community and the Israeli citizens had followed with surprise the presence of a Togolese king in Israel.
The latter has made startling revelations about 90 million African Jews that he would have under his responsability or his kingdom.
It is indeed a traditional chief, honorary position within the pre-colonial past. The King Ayi is a local king, in Togodo southeast of Togo, near the border with Benin. In his official biography in French or English, there is no mention of any Jewish roots.
According to our sources, the King Ayi was expelled from Togo and live in exile for several years already. He would seek to accredit the thesis of the Jewish kingdom to ensure political support for dirty work in Africa.
The religious leaders receive him, this commits only their responsibility but the israeli government ministers made protocole about, is unacceptable.
It would have been desirable that the Israeli government can inquire Jewish organizations working in Africa such Shavei Israel, Kulanu or FJN before receiving their "Majestys".
We ask the government that a preliminary investigation be opened on this subject to light and release the chain of responsibilities so that this kind of hoax stop.

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