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To answer the myth of "black on black crime"

To answer the myth of "black on black crime", as if it were a distinct reality from crime in general, one has to first realize that the desire to make such a distinction is what the word racism refers to.
Taking this social myth for granted, many american pundits and politicians are going on moral crusades, shamelessly equating all members of an entire community, and thereby minimizing their plight for dignity. Jews know that in the ghettos of Europe, there was crime, because there was poverty , but despite it all, there was also human dignity and culture. Antisemites speaking at that time of Jew on Jew crime which should be solved before poverty was solved would obviously sound cynical. The same can be applied to life in the poor native american reservations riddled with crime.
Putting all the moral weight on communities who have suffered and are still being systematically targetted, seems to either be a convenient escape from real moral and physical debts to this community, or displaying publically the highest level of indifference, and a near patholigical lack of empathy.
This categorization of crime, which would never make a major issue of white-on- white crime, calling it simply crime in the case of whites, is issued from the typical racist reflex of generalization of others.
But do these ’others’ recognize themselves in these categories, is a question that does not seem to concern the ones making the assertions.
Let it be noted that in the 21st century in the USA, this type of archaic demoted outdated and condescending attitude toward the people of African ascent is still current in the highest levels of political life.
Let it be noted that unfortunately Black in America today means a term by which all Africans are depersonalized, and ready to be stripped from individual humanity.
We are waiting for a generation to stand, with the desire the will and the means to correct the wrongs done to an entire beautiful community, whose members have done so much more for their country than the cynics who refuse to aknowledge the African contribution.
The historical stain of white on black crime called slavery, is what they are trying to wash their hands from, by implying their victims have their own sins of violence to fix.
There is a self serving motive behind the myth. Lifting the weight off of conscience by denying the victim’s humanity, their right to individuality.

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