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When we Africans look at Black Americans on the news

Make no doubt about it, when a European caucasian person sees a caucasian person from New Zealand, or Australia, or from the Unites States or Canada, they don’t think of them as New Zealanders or Australians etc, but as European caucasians just like them, who happen to live in these places. Which happens to be the truth.
The same way, when we Africans look at Black Americans on the news, we don’t think of them as "American" but as Africans, which happens to be the truth. If a European minority living outside of Europe was persecuted by a majority of non Europeans, all Europeans would feel connected to the violence befalling their brethren. In the same manner, we Africans feel directly connected with the well being or suffering of our people in the Diaspora.
The destiny of our people in America is bound with ours in Africa. The ill treatment Africans are subjected to in America, is a reflexion on a local level of the attitude of the North toward Africa in general, for a very long time. The pillaging of our natural ressources in Africa is directly connected to the pillaging of our human ressources in America and Europe. The same societies who want African minerals for nothing want African labor for nothing. Africans have built America, but what they get in return is violence, poverty, systemic repression, and mass incarcerations. From Africa, we are looking at a country who elected its first president of African ascent, and we prayed this was a way forward toward repair. But repair for the millions of African lives, sacrificed and brutalized by the European slave trade, must first come in the naming of the parties involved. Saying Black lives, Black grievences is using a language that both offends and omits. Obviously Africans are not into being reduced to a skin complexion. Africans living in America have ancestry, rooted in cultural millenia. They are not unidentified, generic beings who happen to have dark complexions. This purposely cartoonish way to label them is not unnoticed in Africa, to us, it’s simply the old and tired language of war on Africa, eversince we inter acted with these people who at the beginning didnt even deny that they were Vandals and pirates, and made no effort to hide their destructive intentions. Colonialism was forceful dominance since its inception until its end. It would be a sorry mistake, and a waste of time, to think that violence against Africans in the West is not intentionally parallel with the relationship of the West to Africa. The way Africans are treated anywhere, is felt by Africans everywhere. We think that when it is Africans they are hurting indiscriminately, it is all of Africa they are targetting purposely.

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