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Bibi, king of Africa

Israeli prime minister kicks off Uganda summit with seven African nations with quotes from Herzl, vows to share Israeli technology.
"This meeting I think will be a milestone, the meeting of seven leaders from African countries with Israel. I think it underscores the fact that we are in a monumental change in the relations between Israel and Africa, beginning here," Netanyahu said at the start of the summit, which came hours after a landmark speech together with the Ugandan president.
Israel’s much-vaunted "return to Africa" after years in which relations with many - though not all - African countries were lukewarm, "is warranted by the great changes that are taking place in the world," the Israeli prime minister stated.
"We at once have an enormous boost and jump towards development, towards the possibilities of this new century, with all the promises of technology ; but at the same time, we have a savage medievalism that seeks to take all our societies back, to destroy them, destroy our freedoms and destroy our hopes," he declared, referring to the rise of Islamic terrorism.

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