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Sentence to life in prison for Yishai Shlissel.

Yishai Shlissel, the ultra-Orthodox and criminal man who murdered one and wounded five others when he went on a stabbing spree at last year’s Jerusalem gay pride parade, was on Monday sentenced to life in prison plus an additional 31 years.

The sentence, handed down at the Jerusalem District Court, also set out that Shlissel must pay damages to those he wounded.

Shlissel stabbed six people during the Pride parade on July 30, 2015, one of whom — 16-year-old Shira Banki — succumbed to her wounds a few days later.

Shlissel, who refused a lawyer because he said he did not recognize the authority of a secular court, was in August charged with murder and six counts of attempted murder.

He had previously carried out a near-identical attack at the Jerusalem Pride parade in 2005, for which he was sentenced to 10 years in jail. He was released just weeks prior to the 2015 parade.

Police came under scrutiny for letting Schlissel get so close to the parade’s marchers despite early warnings he was planning an attack.

Media reported that Shlissel had also posted before the parade a letter on the Internet speaking of the “abomination” of a Gay Pride parade in Jerusalem.

Television also broadcast extracts of an interview that he was said to have given to a radio station about 10 days ago in which he said “the fight continues against those who defile” G-d.

A committee tasked with examining the Israel Police’s performance surrounding the incident found failings in intelligence and communication, and a number of police officers were reassigned as a result of the findings.





According to the Jerusalem Police, the investigation and intelligence branch did not point out any warning signs after it received a warning about Shlissel.

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