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Anti-terrorism: Israel become model

Israel become the major destination for European countries hit by terrorism.
The european delegations succeed in Israel in search of the best possible expertise.
Israeli start-up specialized in the morphological identification and anti-terrorist advanced techniques are mostly stretched.
Especially one of them, who developed a technique to synthesize an hour CCTV recording in a minute, and then to isolate suspicious objects or individuals based on various predetermined criteria.

"There are only a year, many European analysts and columnists mocked the" paranoia "Israeli. Today, the same people queue to study and to be inspired, "gloats Hagai B., a former Shabak became independent security consultant. He continued : "It is no coincidence that our know-how is now recognized and if we are asked everywhere : here, the terrorist threat is part of our daily life. Beware, be on guards, pay attention to any suspicious signs are behaviors that we acquire from our childhood. "
Acting independently of each other, these two bodies are trying to track down security breaches through which the massacres of Paris and Brussels have been possible. Without having consulted and in the utmost discretion, elected officials from both countries have been entitled to the same course in Israel.
Meetings with "counterterrorism experts" from the Shabak (Israeli General Security), Aman (military intelligence) and ancients of Mossad (external intelligence). As well as discussions with senior police officials and members of the National Security Council, a body supposedtogether the various assessments and develop strategies powering the Israeli defense cabinet (a small group of ministers "significant" meant make strategic decisions of the Jewish state).
In recent weeks, the exchange of information on the jihadist threat have also accentuated among Western intelligence services and their counterparts in Israel. Several services have also sent envoys to Tel Aviv in order to explore ways to strengthen the invisible collaboration.

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