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Francis Kalifat, a charismatic activist

Experience shows that a leader always arises in situations of crisis or renewal.
CRIF has always entrusted its future to a consensus man. He was endowed with a mix of firmness, conviction,
empathy - and espérance.Il ended the divisions of the community.
Roger Cukierman is the last charismatic leader.

Remain humble and always show respect are the rules number 1 of the new president of CRIF.
Leadership is acquired after many years of experience and work on oneself.
More than twenty years on the Community stage, Francis Kalifat could reach the level of leaders
Historic CRIF. He has :
- A clear vision of the objectives of CRIF,
- A sense of analysis and synthesis of the community,
- Clear and simple communication with the Jewish,
- Innovation and Community Initiative.
- The prohibition of BDS aims.
- Do not give in "to the soft eyes" of the National Front
In its fight against anti-Semitism, the activist does not forget the French extreme right, its "xenophobia"
and promises "total intransigence" towards her.
"I’ll give nor sirens nor the gentle eyes that can make the National Front for the Jewish community in France," he warns.
FJN wishes him success in his new role

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