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African Jews out of Egypt in 5776

Several personns were invested for African Jews to celebrate "Pesach" in worthy conditions.
Shavei Israel and the FJN with Gadi Bentley, Noga Kohl, Michal Elroi, Oriel Limor, Nick Selamulele, Daniel Limor, Christine Yaltonsky, Yohanan Moche and Roger Cukierman, with African Jews themselves.
The exodus from Egypt is not resolved from himself. Its meaning link in what the people will make with this freedom. It said that the exodus from Egypt is "Zman Cheiruteinu," "Time of Our Freedom."
Provided, however, understand that this freedom is in the making, that we are not given once and for all but still a potential to achieve. Thus we can hear the traditional formula according that "every Jew must consider himself personally came out of Egypt." Being free without giving content his liberty is to remain a slave.
This is clearly the work which Shavei Israel devoted to the African Judaism : restore dignity by the awareness of its history and its identity in the process of promoting human thought and carried across the world Judaism.
The work of Shavei-israel is simple contribution, simple starting point to open the future.
his autopsy on African Jewish past is based on the collective project for the future of African Judaism to guide the development and control the course.
Souci brings Shavei-israel to define the significance of the project in such clear terms : "It’s a bottle in the sea, with the hope that its message will be collected mainly by young people and help to draw in the authentic elements face so little known, if unrecognized, African Judaism, providing the foundation for a healthier approach and more determination to build that for tomorrow. "

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