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Black Jewish as social experiment

The Federation of Black Jews (FJN) is a member of CRIF (Representative Council of Jewish Institutions). It is a group of Jewish faith with epidermal close, generally estimated at less than 5% of all Jews. Composed by African and foreign non-European origin. This Jewish population immediately struck by its extraordinary heterogeneity that could decline the urge in many segments that different ranking criteria. Obviously, the epidermal proximity does not mean a priori or convergence of interests or similarity of views nor natural collusion within each of this population as in the rest of the population.

The black Jewish term, we intend to identify a social experiment or rather social experiences, infinitely variable in time and space.

Black Jewish condition does not presuppose the existence of solidarity between the people involved. It would be wrong to regard a common social experience necessarily create solidarity elements, this is true for other Jews, for the professions and for any social group. It is striking that even the groups who experience any experience in any social order can be crossed tension and rivalry, exacerbated by competition for obtaining such rare, legal or social stabilization.

The issue of forms of solidarity is important, but it is appropriate to sever, at least analytically, the question of social experience.

Beyond the recriminations and tensions that can be observed by the opponents on this issue, it is interesting to observe that, despite what people may say, especially in fits of anger or rejection, black Jews have something in common.


There is absolutely no question of building a group to be united by similar experiences in the social order. People are very different, they may be different politically, etc. We try to reflect on the lowest common denominator, the precipitate will remain when we have done on behalf of the infinite diversity of social positions, geographic trajectories, socio-economic, etc. And this precipitate then, this common denominator is that, despite what people may themselves say, it is something like a black Jewish experience.

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