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Bibi Netanyahu: A trip around Africa

<img >Announced with great fanfare, the journey of the Israeli government in Africa will be for economy and competitiveness.
This trip would be, they said, to update the social, economic and cultural relations resulting from the interaction between
Africa and Israel. These countries may well be aware of emerging crops.
Netanyahu said the need to maintain now with Africa relations based on partnership and respect. But before talking about respect for African continent, it would have been better to respect the African-Israeli living in the Hebrew State.
The fates of nations are closely related, we can not dissociate himself from that of Africa.
How Benjamin Netanyahu can have a clear conscience ?
Abraham Mengistu (Israeli of African origin) was kidnapped by Hamas since 2014. Up to date, no news of him. From the government, dead silence. The Netanyahu government is an expert on hacking discursive. We are certain that if he had been a white Jew, we would not be arrived at such a situation.
This method requires a technical bias and provides a tactical shots that relevent another age.
We are obliged to observe the effects of ads will certainly never live up to expectations.

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