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Ariel, the hero of FJN

<img >To understand the value and transcendence, patriotism and the Jewish faith, we must see the example of men who live on site in Israel. For the Federation of Black Jews, Ariel is one of the most powerful testimonies.
This Belgian citizen has played a very important role in the history of the Federation of Black Jews, over the last ten years.
From Brussels where he lived as a member of the Federation. He has resisted all attempts at corruption and destabilization of the FJN unlike other lone wolves.
Assign someone the title of Hero is believing that this being can easily stand out from the crowd of ordinary men. Thus it is necessary to consider Ariel.
It is one that embodies our desire to escape the confines of a dull life to access the courage.
Of course this is a tribute to this hero, until recently before making his Alya, six months ago in Israel and his uncommon courage by catching the terrorist in Rami Levy supermarket in Sha’ar Binyamin in Judea and Samaria .
But also face to the Palestinian barbarism in this Rami Levy supermarket.
Applied, discreet and always smiling, Ariel is almost the kind among the elite of the Federation of Black Jews.
Yet he becomes a wolf when touched to his people (Jewish).
Ariel prevented one of the two terrorists continue killing inside the store just after The attack killed Tuvia Yanai Weissman z’l 21 years old.
As he explained on Radio J Michel Zerbib, he has done his duty of Israeli citizens.
Ariel has joined the team of FJN in Israel.

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