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Thou shalt not kill...

Chabad activists have set up billboards and they distributed leaflets in Arab towns and villages in order to "remind the Arab population in our universally shared values."
The Hasidic movement, known to stop the Jews in the streets to encourage them to turn to Judaism, has set his sights on an entirely new population in this week Hanukkah : Palestinians and Israeli Arabs.
Missionary activities are strongly discouraged in Judaism, therefore Chabad, the largest Jewish religious organization in the world, does not try to convert these non-Jews ; rather he wants to encourage them to embrace what we call the seven laws of Noah, which, according to the Talmud, concern all of humanity.
"After all the attacks in recent months stabbings, we thought it would be an opportunity to remind the Arab population universal values ​​and especially the prohibition of murder," said Boaz Kali, the executive director of 7for70. He launched a nonprofit campaign to encourage non-Jews around the world to embrace the following commands : 1. Create the courts ; 2. No profanity ; 3. No idolatry ; 4. No bloodshed ; 5. No lust ; 6. No flight ; and 7. Do not eat members living creatures.
As part of this new campaign, the Chabad activists plastered dozens of billboards throughout Arab towns and villages, including the Arab neighborhoods of East Jerusalem Est.En Arabic, these posters also feature a picture of deceased leader of the movement, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, also known as the Lubavitcher Rebbe. In addition, the organization has distributed some 2000 flyers in Arab towns and villages.
Traditionally, this time of year, convoys traveling in different places across the country to organize candle lighting ceremonies and distribute "sufganiyot". This year, as part of the new campaign, the Mitzvah Tank stopped in Arab towns of Nazareth, Sakhnin, Kafr Qasem, Tira and in mixed Jewish-Arab city of Acre and Lod. Vehicles entering these places have proposed explanations of the seven laws of Moses. The Mitzvah Tank have plans to stop in several Palestinian villages near Gush Etzion and the Arab neighborhoods of East Jerusalem - areas that have been the epicenter of the most recent violence.
A similar initiative was carried out there about 10 years in the suicide bombings of the second intifada. All in all, the Chabad initiative has received positive responses in Arab towns and villages. There has been only one case in
the town of Sakhnin where hostility was visible against the campaign.

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