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Israeli hostages, difference in treatment

It will be several months that Mengistu is languishing in jails of Palestinian terrorists without anyone (except his family and friends) no one cares, despite all the Israeli politicians and journalists want to say in their speeches or messages desperately "agreed" and "politically correct" sent regularly to the family of the young man.
In Israel, the life of a black Jew is worth less than the white jew ?
This is what reveals the Mengistu Abraham case
The difference in treatment is obvious since his captivity on September 7th, 2014
For the hostages, the Israeli public had the right to many expressions of support, with large banners on buildings, recall their captivity but to date, nothing about Abraham Mengistu
We can even question the government’s share of responsibility in this tragedy.
Have you seen a mobilization for this young man. He, too, hostage
FJN ask to the Israeli government to put all his weight to the release of Abraham Mengistu

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