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Last month… is that so far ? By JMC

How we can imagine that, day for day, only one month ago the tragedy, which strike the heart of Paris, we were together with our friends and partners for the Prize of the African Judaism André Chouraqui for peace.
When I think about this moment where Atheists, Buddhists, Christians, Jews, Muslims, we were all together reunited in our diversity inside the City Hall of the 6th district of Paris where we were optimistic and speakers talked about living together in harmony, also the long we’ve done and the longer way we still have to do but we are walking on this way with serenity.
Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité (Liberty, Equality, Fraternity) aren’t just the word that adorn the main entrance of the City Hall they are the symbol and values of the French Republic. We were sharing them during this ceremony and carry them in our heart and put them into our everyday actions.

And then one month after… a dramatic reality of terrorism stroke once again France. Since then, we can observe a surge of hate on all social networks. Seeking for other perpetrators than the terrorists themselves and those who brainwashed them is just a way to contribute to this global hate campaign mixed with false rumors that making the French Police to publicly pleases population to stop to share false rumors. Finally this buzz only serves terrorists who wants to divide us when we need to be united and crack under pressure when we need to stay focus and reasonable. Yes we must not play their game ; we must show them that they have failed in this attempt to threaten us and also the French citizens are strong and stay united with all diversity.
More than it we all know since many years that terrorists are using the thousand wounds strategy that’s mean we all know what reaction they are waiting from us. So we will never give to this barbarians what they want but we will be confident in our services to fight against global terrorism.

The diversity is more than a symbol in France it’s a way of life. Do we need to remember you that in the early 20th century France was a dream for many African American athletes who were under the segregation laws ? They came to France because it was a country where they can be free to love and marry the women they wanted. Living together is not a new concept in France it’s in the DNA of the Republic. However some small-minded peoples want to make us relinquish this way of life by ourselves. But we will never fall in this trap !

If we don’t want to be a messenger of violence, it’s a good idea to watch some videos of Imi Lichtenfeld (his memory be blessed) the founder of Krav Maga ; who did more to protect Israel and their fellow citizens than the most of us, starting by me, will ever can do. Yes, Imi created what a lot of specialists all over the world consider as the most efficient self-defense in the world. Nevertheless Imi never was a free violence addict. It’s a good idea to take some inspiration in his philosophy of self-control that is transmitted in all the serious Krav Maga Federations in world to avoid to be such a messenger of hate and increase violence in our already so violent society for our fellow citizen with socials, economicals issues and many more on a daily basis. Or if we like this violence can you claim to be civilized ?

We will overcome the pain of the tragedy caused by those broken lives of terrorist acts’s victims but wounds we are doing ourselves to us by our own violence against our republican values will be way deeper.

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