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Dedicated to the victims and their families. By JMC

Dedicated to the victims and their families : just one support

Then we all still have in mind the sadness caused by the last January terrorist attacks in Paris against the Freedom of Speech and the French Jewish community, during this Shabbat we once again felt the dread of what the French experts accord to say that is the “worst terrorist scenario” that can happen.
The forces of law are more than ever on alert and time-to-time in the medias we can ear how many terrorist acts were avoided due to this great job. France is exposed and security forces fight on a daily basis against this new form of terrorism. So far want can we learn about those acts of terror ?

First of all, we are forced to observe that this is the whole French population in all is diversity that was targeted by terrorists. From the January attacks against journalists, that we can do agree with or not, police officers and our brothers that peacefully prepared the Shabbat ; to the yesterday terrorist massacre against Heavy Metal fans and normal day people that just had a drink or chilling around a stadium. It’s in the union with all our differences inside the Republic’s community that we must stand together, because in our diversity we are all hurt and potential targets.
Of course how we cannot be sad and got pray and thoughts for our brothers in Israel who are under attack on a daily basis since sadly months now. However, it is together that we are standing on our feet in front of terrorists. How we cannot think to our American friends this wound there still not heal of the 9/11 despite the reconstruction of the One World Trade Center, which was in light Blue White Red the colors of the French Republic to symbolize the support of the citizens of United States of America.
It is united during this tuff time that we must gather and honored the memory of the victims, however we got faith or we are atheist, or the victims are your brothers, friends, or complete strangers. They were all the targets of the same hate and our thoughts go directly to families and friends of victims which some still waiting for some updates of their relatives and fellows and we are hoping and praying for good news. We sadly know that it will not be for everybody and we are expressing here our sincerest condolences to families and friends of victims and police officers who died and support all the wounded victims and fellows and we’re wishing them a swift recovery.

France have already starts emergency measures and you just have to take a subway even if it’s not in Paris to feel this atmosphere between angry and misunderstanding. But our fellow citizens who love the Republic are responsible and respectful and will proudly rise above odds.
We will overcome this adversity and be more united against obscurantism. And human values, from our wises men of blessed memory or the Republic and the Universal Human Rights Declaration will warm the heart of each and every one of us to live together with our diversity in the SHALOM.

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