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The hatred of others among Jews and blacks

The hatred of others (so) among Jews and blacks, where black anti-Semites and Jewish Racism
Where does this hatred ?
Some painful experiences of life, including those related to being, were violently injured and long black or Jewish. These injuries are much grief that he must perform to do more to avoid pain and, later, self-destructive behavior : grief of not being white or non-Jewish mourning not having or not having what had been the other corresponding to the ideal, mourning being born different ect .....
To mourn, remember, is to accept the inevitable, is to accept the suffering and frustration of not being overwhelmed by life that has not been able to bring us what we wanted.
Black or Jewish suffering is different and thus judge depreciates depreciates or another. The suffering experienced by him are not experienced as events inherent in all life, but as a punishment against him is evil and deserves what happened to him.
The combination of this sense of injustice and injuries arising from narcissistic personality disorder, which makes the bed of hate each other (itself).
Black or Jewish self that has not had the opportunity to make his mourning becomes an adult hate, suffering and child. Do not accept each he agrees to another (an anti-Semite, a racist) and so he is alone, isolated by misunderstanding and hatred, unable to bear life and actual events of their adult lives.

We see black or the Jew hate disease is therefore neither more nor less, black or Jewish suffering and steeped in bitterness against himself and against life, real life and pretending.
So ? First treat the black or Jewish, which is in itself, learning to accept, to love it ..... learn to love ... to accept the other, all the others .... .
Never forget that knowing is understanding, understanding is to accept reality, accept it like ...

The self-hatred as strong feeling that grows not to accept as is, without a metapsychological concept, self-hatred is at the heart of the metapsychology. Not only did she mates or is opposed to love, can become emotional, or run as negative ethics. Paranoia and melancholy give to see the most striking figures of hatred of others or self-hatred.
From this a few years ago, the press gave us to read that Caribbean Haitian origin had attacked with an ax to other blacks in public transportation. Psychiatrists explained that the assailant had blamed his victims (men and black women) of harassment and discrimination he suffered on a daily basis, this because of his skin color. To solve the problem, the solution appeared, it was eliminating its like himself, to end his agonies and obsessions.

The racist abuse suffered by blacks and black women, "euphemistic" under the terms of discrimination and injustice, attenuation does not change the racist reality of many Western countries, most of whom have internalized the inferiority of black and were relegated to the margins (social conditions, unemployment, insecurity, poor housing, exclusion ...) are not without consequences on social relations between people, the social environment and mental health.

Living in the hatred of others or exclusion is contaminant involved in the dehumanization of racism, but goes beyond, because the whole society which is found flawed, gangrenous. Man is capable of remorse must constantly find moral justification for his attitude "discriminatory" by reducing the other to a thing, an animal, a stranger to oneself, the downgrade in the naming scum, rogue, thief, vermin in order to reinforce his humanity. He is fully human and the other is denied his humanity, deprived of this condition, to maintain this semblance of normalcy in his company, which is riddled with tensions, rebellions, is a company that will tend to become insecure and violent.

The victim of this tragedy racism work in intimate space : from hatred, resentment, anger, frustration, loss of opportunity gradually altering his mental balance and discriminated or racialized will look back through the eyes of another, through the the dominant view of discrimination, racism. In fact, he plunders the inside, which inevitably leads to a disintegration of self

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