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A conference of Edith Bruder is planned in Paris

FJN will not participate to the Conference of Edith Bruder.

A conference of Edith Bruder is planned in Paris on the theme of African Judaism. FJN secures not the vision of the latter in the Judaism on African soil. We regard with pain and a feeling of rejection of his analysis about African Judaism as from with Eurocentric vision and colonialist.

Edith Bruder proclaims that African Jews are not "real" Jews,
their Jewishness is a myth. Uttering such reflections, Edith Bruder, who is not a geneticist, nor historian of Africa and its cultures, is in our opinion a reductive gait Judaism and Africa once. Can we afford to play today as authenticators breeds ?

They allow the Europeans Jews such inspection of their genealogy ? Judaism is there a culture or racial origin ?

The Jews of Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Ethiopia, they must
undergo disqualifications in an identity they claim ? FJN has a human approach, can not condone that kind of idea. 
As an internationally representative of the various Jewish communitieson the African continent, FJN denounced the implied racialization of Judaism emerges from the Edith Bruder approach.

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