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A mafia rabbi in Nigeria

FJN is concerned about the influx of self-proclaimed rabbis in Nigeria .
In recent years, a new type of rabbis is needed in the Jewish landscape in Israel but also in Europe, including in France.
Is the Jewish religion a matter that relates to some rabbis ?
Not a day goes by without an article touching or indirectly the situation of these rabbis.
African Jews are not immune to this phenomenon.
The Rabbi Abraham Derhy of Jerusalem (of Moroccan origin) is since a few days in Nigeria, particularly in the community of Beth Shalom Awka (Anambra State) where he recreates around him a small courtyard. It is part of this clique of "rabbis businessmen" who are lawless; (
see in the middle of the photo)
It appears that some African Jews are offered certificates of Jewishness and Torah during the unreasonably high prices of $ 3,000 by the Rabbi
You must consider, however, that these behaviors are likely to affect the African Judaism when they proudly assume their religious identity. We do not believe that the African Judaism needing to these practices from elsewhere to affirm their Jewishness.
Accepting such offers could well prove to be only a financial scam and will not advance the African Jewish cause and might even have more negative aspects than positive.
We ask the Israeli religious authorities to conduct an inquiry in this regard and put out of way these rabbis.

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