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Creation of Andre Chouraqui Price of African Judaism

Andre Chouraqui Price African Judaism is given to individuals or groups, associations and organizations, who have worked for the development of harmony, understanding, sharing, tolerance, and love between different cultures and traditions that make up human society. This may include authors and individuals whose trajectory is exemplary in this sense, or even organization that have proven to work in the direction of this vision. Taking as its theme the work and delivery personel Andre Chouraqui in his mission to bring human beings in a spirit of brotherhood, we hope by this award inspire the continuation of this lawsuit that was one of the great character. From the perspective of the CNI, being part of this award, the millions of members of the African Jewish community say the central value occupies the approach of Andre Chouraqui in their approach to identity connected to the message The Bible.

Master of Ceremonies : Michel Zerbib
Date : Tuesday, October 13, 2015
Time : 14.45-18.45
Location : Mairie 6e
Address : 78 rue Bonaparte 75006
Metro : Line 4
Bus 63, 87,96,86
Registration required : coordination@feujn.org
Press : contact@feujn.org


NB. Number of places limited

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