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* Tel Aviv sur Seine * was a full success. By Meyer

Organized by the Municipality of Paris and the support of the municipality of Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv sur Seine was was a full success. Thank you the many volunteers who have spared no efforts. The operation opened this Thursday, August 13th in quiet.
Dice 10 am the first scrolls rose in the sky of Paris to Tel Aviv. Soon the smell of the beach in Tel Aviv smelled all the banks of the Seine. Preparation of the day all the more appreciated he was decorated with musical entertainment and red thread throughout the day. Gradually, as the people arrived, the mood was set by security officers who were in number. Once inside, it was scattered to find many familiar faces and make a little chat. The rest of the program took place before a large music workshop which offered a stunning musical repertoire to the measure of their immense talent. The public resumed in the heart of Israeli popular success that the performance was highly appreciated given the applause.

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