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The black Jew crown or the shame of melanin pride

The dramatic events of Black Jews that occurred in Israeli cities have specifically highlighted the scale of social inequalities and the profound impact they have on the black Jewish minorities. So far, discussions on the Israeli ethnic minorities had focused on the disparities between the social and cultural problems of these communities and their requirements, be inconsistent with the requirements of modern Israeli society, also considered obstacles to integration of Black Jews, and thus impossible to incorporate the standards of *Israeliness * supported by the authorities.

The rights to speak are part of all socio-cultural determinism that prepared mentally and willing people
In societies where the floor is made on each other, there is a process of dehumanization can be explained by the difficulty there would be for one (white Jews) like other (black Jews) to be identified.
The direct consequence of this difficulty to individualize the other is the invisibility suffered by Blacks Jews in isreali society, predominantly white.
Thus at the invisibility of black Jews in cognitive and cultural system of Israeli society dominated by whites Jews, will meet the "spectacularity" a necessary dimension to simply appear in this context - setting stage in representations. This visibility is affected by some form of "monstruosification" insured particularly outrageous makeup white Jews who want to speak for the black Jews, that is to say an excess of presence and visibility, the importance is attested by the fact of such *shows* I speak in your place, show to a stunning ironic called superiority’s complex.
Melanin, this small pigment of our skin, marginal in terms of everything that sets us apart, however, seems to draw a clear boundary
Bitterness is present, about the national identity often wondered sometimes suspected, as if there were a contradiction, at least a tension between their black appearance
The frequent trips between the African past and present Israeli black Jews give to see all obstacles in order that the rate of melanin is as irrelevant as the number of hair or inch length for prioritizing between individuals .

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