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Tel-Aviv on the City of Paris

FJN welcomes the initiative of the City of Paris to organize the August 13rd, 2015 a day devoted to Paris Plage "Tel Aviv Beach".
FJN invites people of Paris and the Parisians to participate massively in this convivial friendship day
The event will begin at 10am and will provide participants with activities such as Tel Aviv. Local music will be played and tastings of Israeli specialties will delight gourmets. From 19h, a "Tel Aviv Beach Party" will be held with a DJ "
This initiative is likely to give another image of Israel and its habitants, more authentic than that conveyed by the followers of the illegal boycott of the Jewish state, like France too, we are victim of Islamist jihadist terrorism that kills because animated by anti-Republican, anti-Zionist and anti-Semitic hatred that follows.

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