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Constant war makes people crazy

The recent events that took place in Israel and the Palestinian territories, where a Palestinian house with people inside got burnt down killing an infant, and where people protesting for gender orientation equality were stabbed, offer us a glimpse into the inevitable psychotic breakdown of a society in a permanent state of war.
Being in war for over 60 years has proven ultimately destructive for the psychological stabilty of people locked in the logic of enimity. As Africans we must meditate on such situations, and realize that the philosophies and cultures that allow these situations to be accepted have nothing positive to offer.
Israel and Arab states are the example of societies that lost their way by allowing western dictates and ideologies to foment the logic of hate and revenge, focus their economies on weaponry, and constant war propaganda, with diastrous results that shame their cultures to the eyes of the whole world.
Hamas and the PA often glorify death, shamelessly teaching and preaching to children to hate. Israel glorifies military feats, prides itself in using modern weaponry on civil populations, and often turns army generals to politicians. At the same time, both are begging the west to provide them with economic help, most of which goes toward war efforts, which makes it obvious that a peaceful solution is far from being a priority for both camps. Yet this part of the world enjoys the attention of the whole world and grabs the headlines, leaving other conflicts, especially in Africa on the margins. In short, the Mid East conflict is a very conveniant curtain to hide the other areas if the world that need addressing. But even within these societies of Israel and Palestine, what noone talks about is the gross level of poverty and social injustice afflicting the majority of their citizenry.
When war is the focus, it is too easy to overlook the homlessness, joblessness, and shameful poverty millions have to experience, while there are billionaires who derive direct benefits from the conflict, or are protected by the favoritism given exclusively to the rich. People are litterally going crazy in mass numbers in Israel and the Palestinian territories. On top of being poor, uncared for, and treated with disdain.
Violence provoked by Middle Age level of reading religion is the daily bread of millions of these poor people.
Such level of religion is the only education these people can afford.
Africa must look, and learn not to go down that road. Boko Haram is a dreadful example of this kind of logic.
Biafra, Sudan, Rwanda. War leaves deep psychological scars. Permanent war cannot create healthy minded people. As Pan African Jews, we learned that harmony with our neighbors is a vital level of cultural development, because the sure sign that one’s culture is helpful, is that it provides positive communication with one’s neighbors, and respect for their culture. Various cultures living in harmony is the proof of successful cultural development.
The Middle East, so far, has proven unable to provide such basic fundamentals to its inhabitants. on the contrary, intolerance toward the others, oppressive domination too often turning violent, and flagrant social injustice are the Middle East gift to the daily news. Africa could learn, from this too obvious example, exactly what it does not want for itself.

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