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Sandra Bland, Black activist brutalized by police is found dead in jail

The 28 year old activist of "Black Lives Matter" from Chicago was arrested in Texas for no more than changing lanes without signaling. She was then severely beaten by a police officer who had been discharged previously for racism. She was later found dead in county jail, with police claiming she commited suicide strangling herself with a plastic garbage bag. Outrage is mounting regarding what the world public is seeing as another example of systematic targeting of Blacks by police in the USA.
There are currently 750.000 people in county jails accross America who have not been charged with anything, waiting to be tried, and who are only there because they cannot pay bail. A large majority of those are poor African Americans. It is treated like a serious crime to be poor in America, especially when you are Black.
The irony is of course when those defending this system claim to be affiliated with Christianity, whose message is centered around helping the poor, the sufferer, and the destitute.
Sandy Bland was in Texas to work helping youth, she lost her life in Texas. Was she targeted because of being an activist ?
Some people think that each one of these latest public displays of violence against Blacks are barely veiled threats against President Obama, threats made by people who are punishing Americans for voting in the first Black President of the United States. Everytime one tunes in to Fox news, these attacks, as brutal as they can be, are excused, Black people are maligned, and President Obama is targeted.
The White Black divide is being exploited, to further an economic agenda based on profit made by the super wealthy class, with dwindling social and human rights. Those who dare address the issues, be they President or activists, become subjected to insulting campaigns of distortion, and if they are poor, one can see how much their lives matter.

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