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South Africa : Mcebo Dlamani, the Nazi student punished

South Africa’s University of Witwatersrand has taken this Tuesday, July 14 sanctions against the student Mcebo Dlamani. The latter was sentenced for making the Nazi apologia on his Twitter account, known as Black Hitler.

The University of the Witwatersrand, based in South Africa, released on Tuesday the disciplinary decision taken by the administration against Mcebo Dlamani, former president of the Representative Council of the University students. He had been sanctioned by the university for having published in February on his Facebook account a controversial sentence : "I love Hitler ! "He had written.
"Hitler took whites and killed them"
The student does not stop there. It continues with a series of sentences in which his apology for the Third Reich left no one indifferent. "Hitler reduced the bodies of Banks at the same level as the bodies of blacks. Because, according to a white man, only a black man must be killed. According to a white man, a black man only needs to be quarantined to die. Hitler took whites and killed them. Hitler took the white men and made them known famine, in the same way that they (whites) have done to blacks. That’s what they hate. I love Adolf Hitler for that. "...

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