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Federation of Black jews accepted within the CRIF

On June 14th 2015, the Federation of Black Jews was accepted within the CRIF, during its General Assembly.

From the request of Gershon Nduwa, President of the Federation of Blacks Jews of France to the CRIF’s President Roger Cukierman, the FJN is now represented in the CRIF.
On hearing the news, the president of the FJN said : This admission confirms that the French branch of the FJN is already well established in the breadth of our country. It shows that his place is no longer discussed. The FJN will be able to make even better its specific role, that of representation of African Judaism. The visibility of black Jews is the purpose of the FJN. In this period particularly agitated by the threats, the mission of FJN is in complete harmony with that of the CRIF that is to say, participate in the defense of the Jewish people wherever they are.
13 years after its installation in France, this admission sign recognizing the FJN now part of the French Jewish community landscape.

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