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South Carolina: racism and anti-Obama speech.

South Carolina : The vestiges of racism and anti-Obama speech.

The record is 9 people cowardly murdered in a black American Church in Charleston, South Carolina, by a white extremist. This person was certainly poisoned by the anti-Obama rhetoric that makes the daily diet of the American public.
Questions abound as to the reason, and the intellectual route that can lead to the trivialization of such atrocities.
After Baltimore, New York and Florida where violent acts committed by US police against blacks provoked public outrage, the world could see that the official reaction was almost unanimous to minimize the responsibility of the police officers involved. What strikes even harder, is that Republicans and right-wing American media like Fox News did not hesitate to blame the Black community and President Obama, in all these events. And this relentlessly. For them, Blacks, and working classes in general, are in their own words, leeches that live at the expense of the government. For them, President Obama can not be a legitimate leader, if he dares speak of social justice, he had to cheat on his true identity, or he must be a hidden communist. If the Black people dare to organize and protest against the racist treatment to which they are systematic targets, they are either destroyers of property, or ungrateful, hordes of savages. These same right-wing media, campaigning for the right to carry weapons for whites, who are proud at the sight of armed white militias, decry the image of Blacks who dare to defend themselves. In the 21st century, the United States prove to the world that the taking of African hostages, appropriately called slavery ’, which took place since the 16th century, is a wound in the american collective conscience that has not yet healed.
Racism is not an individual mental attitude. It is an institution, based on profit of ethnic masses, who are paid at a bare minimum, and whose rights are obliterated.
This was the case in Nazi Germany. The systematic massacre of ethnicities considered inferior was a postscript to the gigantic development of forced labor, where Jews and other undesirables were used to death in profit machines. This fact, so obvious, is always passed under the table, for a speech where Nazi racism is romanticized under the pretext of a search for a pure breed.
The more pragmatic and repulsive reality is that all this history of organized violence is based on a vision where economy and profit become unjustifiable point of having to give them a philosophical or religious origin.
In fact, it is because white Tsarist wanted serfs, servile Jews and Gypsies, that they used the Gospels in their anti-Semitic campaigns. In fact, it is only because German corporations wanted to build their empires on the backs of the ghettos of Eastern Europe that they paid their Nazi lackeys to spread anti-Semitic propaganda. In fact it is because the corporations of Italian aristocracy wanted to expand their global empire that they attacked Ethiopia with anti-Black pretexts.
In fact it is because American farmers, corporations and governments, wanted to own free labor to fatten their wives and dress them in the latest fashion, live in palaces and have all the luxuries materials, that they invented the myth of the inferior Black . This simple truth is never repeated enough, to be understood as a starting point in every conversation on racism.
When President Obama was attacked in the American right-wing press, it is because he approaches this reflection on the systemic injustice that infects American society. These media that attack the first Black American President are organs of corporations that do not pay taxes, who buy members of Congress, who are the first to enjoy the labor of illegal immigrants, while controlling police forces that can fall on these workers as soon as they ask for some equal rights.
The Black population is for these corporations, emblematic of the truth about the predatory nature of the business they have as model. That is why they are picking on this community. Because it is the community who knows their history, who knows that this is not, as is believed by the naive, a simple fight between skin color or religious difference. These are different life models. One is based on a vision in which the distribution of profits is taken into account, and the other where it is totally ignored, to achieve the law of the strongest as the only law.
Who is the savage in this picture ? Who is the Barbarian, and who is the pirate ?

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