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An African solution to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.

As the world is informed of the re-election of President Obama, a fresh round of violence between Israel and Gaza is taking the headlines.
Are those two events unrelated ? Or are they directly linked ?

One one hand, in the USA, we are witnessing a new dynamics of race relations. It is impossible to speak of Obama’s presidency without addressing the issue of racial struggle,
and the fact that African Americans had to go through slavery, the absence of civil rights and cultural and political racism for 400 years, before we could see a black President of the USA.
On the other hand, in spite of Israel being created as a safe haven for Jews in 1948, because of centuries of racist persecution against Jews, the world’s political bodies, and their media voices, treat the Israeli/Arab conflict as a territorial argument. And this, without ever linking it directly with a struggle based on racism, and a genocidal intent against a whole nation.
There is no way this conflict could be addressed or solved without bringing its cause, racism, to the surface.
The State of Israel exists because of racism. The Nazi Holocaust, which put racism as the central piece of ideology, forced millions of Jews to take refuge in their ancestral land, or face extinction.
The Nazi ideology was spread from the West, to the entire world. Emperor Haile Selassie I of Ethiopia warned that the fascist forces were still active after WW2.
German Nazis settled all over the Middle East and helped create military dictatorships which continued to spread their racist and divisive fascist poison.

African independance movements could never ignore that the plague of racism is what prompted their fight for self determination. The leaders of these movements always made it clear, because without this central historical piece of evidence, the rest made no sense.

Today with Gaza, we see a situation where racism is being made official, by the rulership of Gaza itself, and noone, either in the world press or in the various political bodies, wants to pick it up from there.

The problem is that even the political class in Israel is not willing to go there, and address this issue, because they want to play "normal".

Dreaming of an Israeli "normal" society, they have forgotten they are only there because of the real nightmare of racism, ready to return to the logic of genocide at any moment.

The solution is not a military one, it is an ideological one, based on what Israel has to say about the reason for its existence.

There are many people in the Arab world who need to hear that side. The Gazan’s hearts and minds must be won to the cause of Peace. The only way is to repeat time and again that the discourse of their leaders was infected from the beginning by fascist ideology. Bring all the proofs to the table, and let the chips fall where they may. Those who will say openly that they are proud of being fascists, or followers of Nazism, will have made it clear to their own population. The rest, who will understand that Nazism is a nightmare, will at least have their hearts in the right place.

As Africans we know that the Middle East conflict is used to mask the massive suffering of millions of Africans. The huge noise around the Middle East conflict is used to cover the cries of millions of Congolese, Sudanis, and others who are facing war, famine, and economic piracy from outside forces. To understand this, we only have to see how many UN resolutions are passed about the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, and how little are passed concerning human rights abuses and genocidal violence in Africa.

Is this intentional ? Of course it is. Dictators all over the world have learnt that racist hate is the easiest card to pull, in order to remain in power. They have given each other a hand by teaming on the same side of an issue which showed profitable to all, from Pakistan to Sudan. They all justify their position by the war for the liberation of Palestine from the ’evil Jews’, even though they have no border with Israel, or no Jews in their countries. So, when Assad, the butcher of Syria kills tens of thousands of his own fellow citizens, noone in the Arab world moves, or truly protests, the streets of Pakistan to Sudan, are calm. The blood can flow, it doesn’t matter.
But when Israel responds to hundreds of rockets being fired at their cities, everyone in the same streets is in uproar. How is this called ? The victory of racism.

Racist hate is a tool used to hide and distort the truth. It is the easiest way out for criminality. When people want food, jobs, and decent living conditions, those in power who refuse to provide them, can blame the problems on a race, a people.

The Hutu leaders of Rwanda commited genocide against the Tutsi in order to cover the plundering of Rwanda’s resources.

Much of the leaders in the Arab world use the Jews to excuse their abuse of power in their own countries. Racism works wonders for the power obsessed dictators.

African Elders who have the clearest experience in addressing these issues, should be consulted with regards to a solution for the Middle East conflict.

Treating the symptoms without the cause will only keep this conflict going.
The poison of racism must be addressed if we want to see an end to this war between
people who are children of the same father, Abraham.

We hope that a generation of wise men and women will rise in Israel and Palestine, who will decide to look openly at reality, and ending the racist heritage of their conflict.

Even today, people need to be told repeatedly that the fascist side is historically and morally, the losing side of humanity.

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