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Pope Francis and the anti-Semitic priest

The ceremony was scheduled for 24 April 2005 but John Paul II, for the ultimate joke, has passed on the buck to his successor. Benedict XVI, who has seen others do not seem embarrassed and the beatification of Father Dehon is still provided by the Vatican. It appears in the liturgical celebrations program on its website (rated 20 September 2005).

Leo Dehon, born in 1843 and died in 1925, will have been constantly berate the Jews, the Freemasons, the Enlightenment, the Revolution, secularism, all wrapped discreetly in a smokescreen called "social Christianity" . His most antisemitic pages appear in their social Catechism in 1898. It reads with horror all the commonplaces of anti-Semitism at a time of turmoil around the Dreyfus case: the Jews "thirst for gold and Christ an enemy ", they have the spirit of" concealment and domination, "money is a" race instinct "and the Talmud is" the perfect manual Israelite, the robber, the corruptor, social destroyer "(The World 10 June 2005).

In 1896 Dehon takes part in Lyon in the National Congress of Christian democracy that claims openly anti-Semitism and anti-masonry. Dehon deals with social issues and this forum is for him the excuse to vent his hatred of Jews and Freemasons (page 122):.. "A sect seized power it governs us, it dominates us It s ’not hide. It glories in. The laws are preparing for the Grand Orient. All administration is recruited in the boxes, and what we will never do too much out, Freemasonry is under the influence dominant Jews. Not only the princes of the sect, the Lemmi and Nathan are Jewish, but in France the Israelites abound in the higher grades. These days yet, Masonic publications announced receptions in the higher grades, and lists were filled with these features names: Meyer, Blum, the Weill, the Goldschmidtt ". Freemasons and Jews are just as responsible for the "fiscal follies" of France to which must be added to the first, their activity in favor of secularism.

On other topics, the tone is the most alarmist of all: "French society has abandoned his belief in revelation and the Gospel has fallen into the intellectual and moral confusion", "an unclean marriage cohabitation often replaces in urban working people, "Dehon evokes" the hideous leprosy of divorce, "worries that the French were" invaded in time of peace "by the influx of Germans, Belgians, Italians, Spaniards, illegitimate children are "bastards", it connects youth delinquency to the fact that "God has been kicked out of school" and deplores "the weakening of the French race" in short, the National Front of the program early. Not to mention socialism and the memory of the Commune that remain terrifying fears. The proceedings of this conference can be downloaded on the website of the National Library of France. And in 1908 published his Freemasonry program in Italy and France.

Yet despite such an assessment, Dehon is far from being considered a plague by all of French Catholicism. A community was created at the initiative of the Priests of the Sacred Heart of Jesus also known as Dehonians. Founded in France in 1878, the congregation has 2,300 religious in 38 countries on 5 continents (www.dehon.it). In addition, in 2005 the CERF Editions published a laudatory biography produced by Yves Ledure and the work was adorned with a red headband announcing his beatification for April 24.

Leo Dehon will not be the first to receive the SCJ Vatican honors. On March 11, 2001 John Paul II had made the beatification of Father Juan Maria de la Cruz García Méndez presented by the SCJ as a "martyr of religious persecution during the Spanish Civil War" (he was executed by Republicans in August 1936 ).

Holding the beatification of Dehon to the agenda, the Vatican address additional foot nose progressive who, despite the evidence on the ideological line of panzercardinal, continue to hope, wish, dream or a turn of the Church the meaning of human rights and universal humanistic values, values ​​which we seek in vain a consistent track in the Bible.

This decision could tarnish relations between the Catholic Church and Judaism. Pope Francis expressly wishes the outcome of the beatification of Leo Dehon priest (1843-1925), blocked in 2005 because of his anti-Semitic writings. This is the French founder of the Congregation of Priests of the Sacred Heart.

Today, some 2,200 "Dehonian" present in some thirty countries worldwide primarily work in the social field and teaching.

Written corresponding to their age

The Pope, who received the Vatican 120 religious of the Institute this Friday, June 5, requested that the history of "quasi Dehon blessed" to be studied taking into account the context of the time, the agency specializes in the Vatican .Media.

Pope Francis explicitly wants the beatification process, blocked for ten years, "end well". He believes the Dehon father suffered a form of "humiliation" after his death.

Without citing the Pope wants the trial Semitic writings of Father Dehon are placed in the context of the time. He said "it is a hermeneutical problem" (interpretation to the historical context). He continued: "We must study a historical situation with the hermeneutics of the time, and not with that of today."

Father Dehon’s beatification process was blocked for the first time in 1952 by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. However, John Paul II had officially recognized in April 2004, a miracle attributed to his intercession. What had paved the way for his beatification. The French priest was to be beatified on April 24, 2005. But the death of the Polish pope postponed the celebration.

Benedict XVI has chosen not to beatify after the discovery by the French episcopate deemed anti-Semitic writings. He appointed a commission to shed light on Antisemitism Léon Dehon.

Semitic writings

In his Social Catechism of 1898, Leo Dehon wrote that the Jewish people "conquered our gold and keeps us enslaved. It takes the press and made public opinion. It fills our great public schools and aims to capture the administration and the judiciary. It is a conquest begun and already well advanced. "

The congregation has argued that at the time of their founder "thought Judeophobia was widely shared."

The Second Vatican Council (1962-1965) broke with the anti-Jewish attitude of the Catholic Church, who saw in the Jewish people the people "deicide" for having crucified Jesus. The recent popes, including Francis, made much of the links and friendship between Christians and Jews.

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