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Black Hebrew Israelites of America

Black Hebrew Israelites of America : the intentional dumbing down of an entire community.

One should read about and view the many youtube videos featuring the Black Hebrew Israelites.
They are typical american extremist evangelists, who are a copycat version of the KKK, infiltrating the US black community. Their message is to spread hate, using the reverse tool of white supremacy, and their latest assault is directed against Black Africans, calling them a cursed race, using much of the same language as white racist groups, against Africans. They use the Old and New Testament books of the Bible, screaming like drill sargents at the passers by, and hurl profanities and racial insults as conclusions of their deliberations, whose sole intent is to shock and intimidate the listeners. It is obvious that the Afro American community is being targetted by groups whose wish is to cause separation between Black Americans and Africans. Black Hebrew Israelites are a tool used against Pan African thinking, and it is not uncommon to hear them utter insults against Haile Selassie and other African leaders, based on misguided racial thinking.
They raise the white man, any white man, to the status of Devil, and by doing so, they are consciously disempowering Black Americans, who are being told that a human with white skin pigmentation is somehow endowed with magical powers from beyond, which the Black man should fear. By using the Bible, they are preying on a community which has been almost exclusively raised on reading these scriptures.
Their obsessive insistence on race adds another layer to the abuse that Blacks have been subjected to in America, precisely on the idiotic race based discourse, which has caused this community untold suffering.
To Africans, Black Hebrew Israelites are a loud example of the typical American domination complex, and it does not matter to us whether this comes from a black or white source. The blatant level of disrespect for anything not American reaches new heights with this group, that does not shy from openly attacking African cultures in public, with the same language and biases once used against them.
When all that is left to address human quality is a skin tone based discussion, intelligence seems to be the threat feared by those who utter these distorted discourses.
We hope that our people and our friends can easily see through these tactics used to cause hateful divisions
among human communities. The destructive power of hate does not deserve to reside within our hearts.
It reduces the one who harbors it to the level of unquestioning servility. The opposite is the freedom, to never have to identify with the oppressor by mimicking his ways, and the freedom to have the opportunity to save everyone else, even our past oppressors, from the scourge of hatred. That is the essence of African victory.

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