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Muslims are friends of the Jews...

Muslims are friends of the Jews, Jews are friends of the Muslims !

FJN is an association devoted to Peace, Harmony, and Dialogue between all communities.
Today the public is inundated with articles and news reels about violence committed by extremists, who claim to have religious sanctioning for their actions. But associations such as FJN are here to remind the public that these information wars are often flawed, and are designed to inflame the passions of weak minded people against each other.
Islam, like Judaism and Christianity, are spiritual paths whose purpose is to ennoble the human spirit, by developing compassion and cultivating spiritual intelligence.
We shall never forget that the two personalities who stood up to the fascists during WWII and defeated them were African monarchs who were Christian and Muslim.
Emperor Haile Salassie I of Ethiopia, and King Mohammed V of Morocco.
They showed the world that both Christianity and Islam are in their essence, cultures of Peace, and in a spirit of brotherhood with Judaism.
There is no place for hatred in the love of God.
FJN is based on the spirit of Tolerance and Cooperation between peaceful cultures.
We encourage our readers to foster the spirit of respect toward Islam and Christianity.
We understand that noone can be spared from bigotry, whether that bigotry comes from any background, Judaism included. But since the beginning of religious discourse there has been bigotry and also those who like us, sought to dispel the clouds of ignorance and intolerance.
We stand hand in hand with our Muslim brothers who wish to defend their communities from the spreading of negative propaganda, to which they are subjected, from within and from without.
We, as children of Abraham, are brothers. Not only with each other, but also with all mankind.

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