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Supporting school in Africa

For this project, we are in the process,the profits will go to the construction of Hebrew schools in Nigeria, more precisely at Ogidi (Anambra State). In Lipompo, South Africa precisely at Elim and Zimbabwe, Harare precisely...
For most of Africa’s children, education represents the only way out of a life of entrenched poverty. Across the continent, millions of children currently subsist on less than EUR 1 a day. Only those who can read, write and do arithmetic can hope to get a better paid job when they grow up.
Educated children are less likely to become victims of violence and abuse. They are more likely to invest in improving their community when they are grown. And the follow-on effects of even basic education quickly multiply, as children who have benefited from schooling themselves strive to secure even better opportunities for their own families.
Guershon Nduwa, President of FJN International


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