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Multiplication of racist acts in Israel...

Several stitches on the face of a black Jewish soldier. These are the consequences of the attack by two white Israeli soldiers against a black Jewish soldier.
FJN had never seen such barbarism.

FJN condemns the increasing number of racist acts. In the present case, the aggravating circumstance is that the Israeli police and soldiers holders of public authority violate the law they are supposed to uphold.

FJN expects the government on this issue, the same intransigence, the same firmness, as he claims to law enforcement in the fight against antisemitism.
Netanyahu must immediately condemn these remarks, conduct an investigation and pending, suspend the authors in question.
The CNI also regrets that the Israeli government does not address the issues of relations between the police and black Jews, and ignores the particular dimension of certain public policies and declarations against stigmatized populations.
Israel can not remain unmoved by incidents like this should serve as warning signals and lead to a sincere and deep introspection on the issue of relations between the police and black Jews who are Israeli citizens .



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