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Focus of FJN is education

The primary focus of FJN is education, establishing learning centers for all ages, conferences,
book publishing, and community events.

FJN has gathered through team effort a network of friends accross the globe, focusing on educational programs where culture and Pan-African philosophy

are at the forefront of the discussion.
Hebrew culture is one of the ancestral heritages alive on the African continent. It is one of the faces of the diamond of the African cultural landscape. Restoring its dignity, envigorating the link between generations, allowing the transmission from elders to the youth, respectful of each specific context,
is a worthy goal that FJN is accepting to reach. This work goes along with other comparable endeavors, whose goal is African cultural development, within different cultural contexts.
FJN also hopes to inspire more associative work in other communities, who understand the model of Pan-African cultural development as being essential.
We wish success and a pleasant journey to our dear Guershon, may Hashem guide and inspire everyone
to be with One Heart so FJN can continue to prosper and inspire, bring smiles, to one and all, SHALOM

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