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Julius Malema, the favourite south african Leader. Ndlovu

For many countries, the perception is that South Africa is not protecting foreigners

There is a perception that South Africa was not doing enough to protect foreign nationals. Many countries called on South Africans to remember the support of other African countries during the struggle against apartheid.
Julius Malema have just become the favourite south african Leader. Out of the so called 95% of the south africans who are said to be gainst xenophobia . He is the one who really condemned it with every contempt it deserves " I personally edge all the leaders to stand their ground and make sure justice prevails in locking up evryone found guilt in these attacks and killings . Murder is murder, no excuse. We must refuse artificial borders imposed on Us by colonizers which have led to the division of Africa. Africa We Are One.
I want to call on our people, let us not be gullible and vulnerable to manipulation by people who have their own agendas of destroying the state," she said.

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