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Heterophobia in Jewish community

News recently provided us with caricatures that should concern us as very representative of social phenomena and frankly disturbing. And see how the company plans in the future to stop these behaviors.
The argument of democracy does not prevent it to be as a "revealer" troubling extreme excesses.
In theory, nothing should justify racism or the feeling of exclusion, whether against people, religions or skin colors. However, the theory does little or takes into account the human factor.
We have to admit, at the same time, these two observations : racism is unsustainable by any mind, even moderately gifted, and there is something in us that, almost in spite of us, pushing us in one form or another to support it. This is contradictory, embarrassing and pretty terrible. This tireless motor, indestructible is called : "heterophobia or fear of others." This widespread malaise in front of others, it is also difficult to realize that the love of others, with which, fortunately, it coexists. It is a fact as dense, as inesquivable. They try to explain their desire to rule by having different face an unknown and dangerous.
Yet this force, this inclination to blame others, to assault, under various pretexts, we know well : we have a very common experience, even if its content is confused, more emotional than reasonable. Basically, whenever they are faced with an individual or a group different or unfamiliar, they feel some discomfort. Our concern can push us to adopt attitudes of distrust. Which do not exclude, however, ambivalent feelings, waiting and hope.
This is why some philosophers have said that man is a wolf to man, and others that man is full of love for man : each party has expressed half the truth.
More seriously, this reaction based on fear and competition, not just the responsibility of delirium : it has a function : it was and, in a sense, remains vital to the human species. To survive, man has often had to defend its integrity and property and, on occasion, appropriating those of others, real and personal property, food, raw materials, territories, women, real or imaginary, religious, cultural and symbolic. So it is both aggressor and victim, terrifying and terrified. For since everyone does the same, we do not know where does this vicious circle of defense and aggression. It’s part of our history and our collective memory.
This terrified and aggressive rejection of others from exactly racism. But racism is a discursive development, justification of these simple emotions. It seemed necessary to distinguish between these two levels and name them differently. Otherwise, no one would confess his Heterophobia, with which we must deal better yet exorcise racism. Needless to suspect and accuse everyone : we are all racists ? No, but we are all exposed to heterophobia. Racism is grafted on this common ground and stands out in the cultural tradition of each, and the occasional victim he meets. It is society, our language, our literature, offering us complacently molds, lockers already prepared where to put our emotions. Worried, despite ourselves, before a man with Asian features, we draw spontaneously in negative figures of Chinese or Japanese we offer literature and cinema. Ditto for Jews or Arabs, or even for women. Are we confused before a woman ? Stereotypes of the bitch, the vamp, or even the witch, are immediately available to us. This cyclical aspect, cultural, racism does not make it less dangerous, for we suck, almost all during our first sip of milk, we swallow our first toast at school and in the streets, family prejudices, in books, movies, and even religions. But if racism is social and cultural heterophobia is animal data. Racism miserable machine words to justify our Heterophobia and profit. Speeches and aberrant interested to heterophobia, racism is only a particular illustration of a larger mechanism that encompasses.
Racist discourse has evolved. Now this is not "race" in the biological sense that racist protects but its culture and values ​​he believes in danger. Others, as strange, scary. Since it is impossible to know, others must go, either by excluding and the demonizing, or rather by assimilating.
Racism reality is more complex than it seems.
If racism resulting from certain social phenomena such as crises, poverty or war, it does not explain how it is formed. Phenomenon inherent to human nature, racism is a belief that equates certain behaviors and values ​​in a social group. Racist and think that all Jews are greedy and that all blacks are lazy. In social psychology, studies on these social stereotypes show that they are so rooted in society that affect all people, even the least racist. One way or another, no one escapes the discrimination.

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