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President Obama: a man with integrity

What President Obama has tried to do through his two terms, was to return sanity to the table.
After America seemed to steep into the imature reflex of thoughtless vengeance, he was the man with the vision who showed that this reflex was in fact weakening the standing of America in the world.
Americans had almost forgotten that they have an image as a superpower that creates emulation or disdain. Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo Bay, the close to a million civilian deaths of the Iraq invasion, keeping troops in Afghanistan, were images that nearly destroyed the moral standing of the US on the international scene, with global devastating results, such as the radicalisation of islamic militant organizations. On the national scene, the lack of basic social standards made the US look like a backward 3rd world country, which couldn’t care less about its citizen’s welfare. America looked terrible, menacing, and over reaching its position with forcefulness and little wisdom. It’s no surprise that when a country suffers from such a global negative image, business with that country is impacted. The crisis of 2008, which was Obama’s welcome surprise just when he stepped into office, was the result of that imature image America got in the eyes of the world. Someone had to restore some sense of dignity and purpose to the people who claimed to be the leaders of the free world.
Some will say that his legacy was that he didn’t do enough. America is the only democracy that still has death row, and that has the largest population in jail in the developped world, even more than China. America is still behind in social and medical protection for all of its citizens, in spite of the efforts of the President to enforce what is now known as Obama care. America still has divisive race ussues.
Some others will say he did too much, according to their conservative views. By promoting a society which is more inclusive of its immigrants, its women’s right on the work place, its gender equality laws, its race relations. Some complain about Obama’s strategy with the Arab world, and with Iran. But nobody before him brought Iran to the negotiating table. Nobody before him dared to end the outdated treatment of Cuba as a pariah state. Nobody before him told the Arab street it had the right to defend freedom. President Obama, by remaining truthful to his engagement for the Israeli Palestinian peace process through the vision of a two state solution, brought hope to the area of the world that has seen the longest lasting armed conflict of modern times. This conflict, over a tiny area of the Middle East, should have been solved peacefully long ago. It is only the political will of partisan strategies which keeps it going. President Obama did not bow to the alliance of conservative forces in America and the Middle East who try to derail the Peace process. The union of the right wingers who have the same economic views in America, Israel, and Palestine, whose economic visions are ignorant of prosperity through peace, tried to shake his promise to settle the conflict, but the President didn’t waver. His negotiating with Iran is done in the name of Israel’s safety, and Palestine’s right to self determination and peace.
In all of US history there hasn’t been a presidency with these accomplishments.
President Obama will be remembered for generations, not only as the first black President of the United States, but as the one who, in spite of the obstacles put on his path, stood for his principles until the end.
The ship he was given to sail was not the easiest, the conditions he was given were not to be envied, but he still managed to earn a name in history based on a set of principles that will make him a man of the people, and a symbol of greatness. And we almost forgot to mention, he loves Bob Marley.

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