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Passover in Africa

Friday night marked the start of Passover, when black Jews around the world tell the story of Exodus. That story, with its radical message of freedom, has resonated with African Jews since the days of slavery in Egypt.
They wove the story of the liberation of ancient Hebrews from Pharaoh’s rule, with the modern liberation struggles of Blacks around the world.
There is a line in the Seder that says "...in every generation — every generation — every human being must look upon himself, herself, as if they themselves went forth from slavery to freedom", and on that night, that line must become utterly real.

Indeed, through the centuries, both the white Jewish community and the black Jewish community have suffered great atrocities. So the fact that we are coming together is a very important and powerful idea. What way to best understand that, than remember when people locked arms and sang We Shall Overcome. We are One People. White Jews are not superior to us, we are not superior to them, the lesson from Passover is that the complex of superiority, racial, social, or cultural, leads to injustice, and enslavement. When we all remember that, through eating the bread of the poor called Matza and the bitter herbs, which we all share at the Seder table, we are on the path to freedom and liberation.

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